Search the web
Returns results from the default search engine.

Search for hiking in Denver

Look up recipes for fish tacos

Tip: Cycle through results by saying 'next result' or 'previous result'.
Search a specific website
Returns results from search feature on a specific website.

Search my Gmail for tickets to Hamilton

Look up The Book Thief on GoodReads

Search CSS grid on MDN

Supported sites: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Maps, MDN, GoodReads, Spotify, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yelp, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, StubHub, TicketMaster, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Stack Exchange, Dictionary, Thesaurus, DuckDuckGo, Amazon Maps, DuckDuckGo Images, Google Drive, Google Images, Google Scholar, Google Sheets, Google Translate, OpenStreetMap, TuneIn, Linguee.
Go to website / webpage
Opens new tab with requested website or a specific web page based on the top search result.

Go to the New York Times

Show me the 49ers schedule

Go to the Health section of the BBC

Ask a question
Displays answer in a card.

Who created Breaking Bad?

Who won the World Series game last night?

How deep is the Marianas Trench?

Play music / video
Plays a song, video, or artist.

Play Green Day on Spotify

Play Paul McCartney

Play Old Town Road

Play that cat wearing socks video on YouTube

Supported sites: YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud
Audio, video and slideshow controls
Control playback within the browser.

Play (to control active tab)

Mute (all tabs)



What's playing?

Increase volume

Start slideshow

Present (on Google Slides)

Read to me
Reads an active article out loud.

Read this page

Read title

Follow link
Opens a link in the active page

Click on link for proper way to drink whisky

Follow link to most unlikely solar farms

Displays weather for the requested location

Show me weather in Flagstaff, Arizona

What's the temperature in San Antonio?

Translate a webpage, phrase, or word.

Translate this webpage (to English)

How do you say 'what time is it' in Spanish?

Translate selection to French (will translate highlighted text)

Traffic and Maps

Find the nearest sushi on maps

How long will it take to get to Springfield?

How do I get to the hardware store?

Sets a timer using a webpage.

Set a timer for 5 minutes

Find & switch tabs
Manage, navigate between and find tabs.

Find calendar tab

Previous tab

Go to first tab

Go to right tab

Collect all Google Docs tabs

Undo last closed tab

Browser controls
Use your voice for common Firefox actions.

Go back

Scroll down

Scroll all the way down

Find x on page

Close tab (or window)

Undo close tab

Pin tab

Duplicate tab

Move tab to a new window

Open new tab (or window)

Open a new window and go to Wikipedia

Open downloads/bookmarks/history/settings/extensions

Minimize window

Zoom in/out

Reload this page

Bookmark this page

Remove bookmark for this page


Save as pdf

Full screen

Open my single sign on bookmark

Count my open tabs

Close Firefox

View source

Clear history

Clipboard / copy and paste
Copy and paste from the clipboard

Copy (copies whatever is selected)

Copy link

Copy title

Copy Markdown link (copies [title](url))

Copy rich link (a link you can paste into etc.)

Copy screenshot

Copy full page screenshot


Ask about a webpage
Display or open information to the current page or website.

What are people saying about this page? (Opens Reddit comments for a specific webpage or article)

What did this page used to look like? (Shows page history in

Giving commands nicknames (experimental)
Create names or shortcuts for actions.

Say "open new york times", then "Give that the name news"

news (will open

Give the last 3 the name news

Remove the nickname news